For Sale - PR - 1761 - 220 Litre Tub for Frozen Food


Reference Number

PR - 1761


220 Litre Tub for Frozen Food



Product Details

Our 220 litre multi-purpose tub is made from polyethylene approved for application in food contact. The tub is particularly suitable for the storage and transportation of frozen or iced foods like ice cream, fish, meat and vegetables due to its excellent insulation and tight fitting lid. The tub also finds excellent application in handling chilled beverages, dairy products and pharmaceuticals.

- The 220 l tubs are very easily stacked, with or without lids. Smooth surfaces and rounded edges facilitate cleaning.
- The tub is double-walled and fully insulated. The insulation gives extra strength and maintains an even temperature for long periods of time.
- The transportation of frozen products: The 220 l tub, with its airtight lid and ample insulation, is ideal for the long distance haulage of frozen goods, even in a tropical climate
- Chilled beverages and dairy products: Ideal for maintaining the optimum temperature and freshness of beverages and dairy products in the absence of refrigerators at retail outlets.
- Safe handling of food products: The tub is easy to handle and is well suited for use in confined spaces, for example on board small boats, transport vehicles and in other locations where machinery cannot be readily used to move the tubs or stack them.