For Sale - PR - 383 - 3 Layer Water Tank


Reference Number

PR - 383


3 Layer Water Tank


Eastern India

Product Details

For all Purpose

Our Water Tanks are moulded to seamless perfection from virgin LLDPE/HDPE raw materials by an advanced moulding technology, offering a unique combination of advantages compared to conventional tanks, that make them ideal for every water storage application at homes, offices, factories, fields, projects etc.

Ideal for every location

Our Water Tanks are ideal to install at every location, i.e. overhead, on ground, under ground, loft, under roof.

Easy to Handle

Our Water Tanks are easy to carry. Reduces dead load on structure.

Hygienic and Odour Free

Our Water Tanks are made from Virgin FDA approved grades of raw material. Hence they keep water safe, hygienic and unaltered in quality, suitable for potable water, keeps water clean and odour-free.

Long Life

Our Water Tanks will not under go any structural change or reduction even after years of continuous use. Expected life 40/50 years.


Our Water Tanks are available in various capacities from 100 liters to 10000 liters in single layer (SL), double layer(DL), & tripple layer(TL).

Free from maintenance

Our Water Tanks do not need any painting, water proofing, maintenance and are very easy to repair on the spot by our team of experts in case of any leakage or accident.