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PR - 1805


Acrylic Mirror Sheets



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Our extruded acrylic mirror sheet, through its standard wide range of dimensions (1220×2440, 2050×3050), thickness (from 1, 5 to 20mm) and colours (over 15 different shades), is able to offer good balance of lightweight and resistance to blowing in the wind. Its surface is flexible enough to allow you to bend and cut with either laser or saw machine.
Main application: our mirrored acrylic sheet is a versatile item i.e. for both internal and external way. It is especially suitable for shop fittings; display stands; boat and automotive field and last but not least in any application in which is required a high safety level. It is also recommended for outdoor use. Advantages of acrylic mirror panel:
- It is lightweight and much more versatile than ordinary glass.
- It is 10 times more break resistant than glass mirror of equal thickness.
- It can be cold formed.
- It can be router, saw or laser cut.