For Sale - PR - 1864 - Adhesive Coated Film


Reference Number

PR - 1864


Adhesive Coated Film



Product Details

Adhesive coated film used on furniture, metal and glass substrate, to keep them clean and to protect from unnecessary stains, abrasions and scratches during fabrication, transportation and installation process.

Some of its benefits include:
- Economical and easy to use on almost all conditions.
- Hard-Wearing PE Film Provides maximum protection
- Clean "stain-free" removal after use

Area of Application: Metal Industry, Aluminum Window Frames, Composite Panels, Ornamental Wares, Metal Name Plates, Stainless Steel/Painted Household Application.
Furniture Industry: Plywood, Mica, Tiles etc.
Glass Industry: Sheet Glass, Mirrors, Television Picture Tubes, Automotive Industries, Car Floor Carpets, Body Paneling.

Technical Data:
-Thickness of the protective film: 30 to 100 Micron
-Color: Transparent, blue, black, milky white, black bottom and white surface, special color as per customer specifications.
- Width: Within 1600 mm, various kinds of specifications within 2000m length can be produced.
- Adhesive strength: 5~800g/50mm

Different product surface production needs protective film different, we will give a recommendation suitable protection film according to the request of user.