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PR - 2128


Agriculture Fittings



Product Details

Our company is a most popular name among the PVC pipe user in rural and urban sector through out the country over a decade and has earned name and fame due to their excellence in producing quality products.

Our company the trusted name in rigid PVC pipe offers rigid PVC pipe fittings. Our rigid PVC fittings are specially made to serve your pipe and guiding your costly water.

- Agricultural: Irrigation and village water distribution system
- Industrial: In chemical, sugar and dairy industries for transporting the liquids.
- Other: Building constructions and potable water supply

Salient features of agriculture fittings:
1) Leak proof: Due to close dimensional tolerance and precision design.

2) Strong fitting: Never fail accurate dimensions.

3) Rust proof: Dimensions remains constant.

4) Unbreakable: Good impact strength.

5) Light weight: Low weight, easy and economical in handling transportation and installation.

6) Hygienic: Odorless and hygienic for transporting potable water supplies.

7) All round economy: Trouble free performance and save a lot of maintenance cost.

Unique features of molded agriculture fittings
- Measure up to the most stringent demands of quality control.
- Made from the superior quality raw materials.
- As per IS-7834-1975 specifications.
- Designed to fit snugly any type of standard sized pipes.
- Reliable dealer network.
- Widest range.

Product Range:
- Elbow 90 Degree
- Tee
- Tee (Threaded)
- Male threaded adapter (MTA)
- Female threaded adapter (FTA)
- End cap (Plain)
- End cap (Threaded)
- Service saddle
- Tail piece
- Coupler
- Reducer
- Reducer FTA
- Reducing Tee