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PR - 1557


Agro Shade Nets



Product Details

These shade nets are made of high quality polymer. The state of art knitting machines makes our shade nets one of the best shade nets manufactured in India.

For the cultivation of cut flowers, vegetables and tissue plants in green house. To protect indoor plants, ornamental plants and nursery plants in shade nets. Shade nets are available with shading levels and temperature requirements, which minimize plant stress and wind pressures to avoid dosage to plants, enhance photosynthesis to stimulate plant growth.

The cooling effects of shade nets help growers / farmers combat high temperature problems in summer.

Shade net has many other application such as : Cattle / Poultry shed roof, Soil erosion net, for building repairs / constructions, Pallet wrapping for exports, open air restaurants, swimming pool, park, tents etc.

Mesh available as per requirement (25 to 90 percentage shade)