For Sale - PR - 1618 - Air Bubble Packaging Film


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PR - 1618


Air Bubble Packaging Film



Product Details

We manufacture Air Bubble film that is a flexible polymeric material comprising small air pockets entrapped between two layers of polyethylene film.

The symmetric and continuous air bubble pattern ensures an excellent cushioning effect. This makes our air bubble films an ideal packing material, especially for fragile and valuable items.

The excellent resilience, resistance to shocks and abrasions, and inherent flexibility can be used to advantage while packing a host of diverse products :
- Glassware, mirrors and picture frames
- Ceramics, chinaware and pottery
- Handicrafts
- Pharmaceuticals, dental and optical equipment
- Electronic Gadgets, Electrical appliances and scientific instruments
- Engineering components, industrial parts and automobile spares
- Furniture panels and profiles
- Polished rolls
- Fruits and vegetables

Its combination of lightweight flexibility and reliable protection makes the film the perfect primary packaging option for export-related items - as well as goods for the domestic market. While enhancing product life, the film improves presentation values as well.

To match different requirements we manufacture the film in various grades, widths and roll lengths. Bags, pouches, cut-lengths and dustcovers are provided on request. Special anti-static variants are available for electronic applications.