For Sale - PR - 1759 - Aluminum Composite Panel


Reference Number

PR - 1759


Aluminum Composite Panel



Product Details

Our Panel has opened up a world of outstanding possibilities for architects and builders to enable fast and attractive finishing for exteriors and interiors of the buildings.

Our Panel is comprised of a non-toxic Polyethylene core between two coil coated Aluminum sheets; the outer skin is coated with extra-durable PVDF coating (flouroresin). This new generation technology of mechanical and chemical bonding gives excellent features such as water and corrosion resistance, heat resistance and good resistance pollution.

Features of Panel:
- Lightweight
- Excellent weather resistance
- High impact and fire resistance
- Excellent Temperature and Sound resistance
- Ease of fabrication
- Low Maintenance Costs

Dimensions: Thickness of 2-6 mm with width 1220 to 1600 mm and length 2440 mm (standard) other lengths are also available on customer's request.

Applications of Panel:
- Exterior cladding and Roof Constructions
- Decorative Interior Wall and Ceiling Panels
- Door panels, Sliding panels and Interior Design
- Long term interior and exterior signs
- Channel Letters
- Routed Sign faces

Our Panels are extensively used in Exterior and Interior of multi-storied buildings, Industrial and commercial constructions, Airport, Hospitals, Hotels, Shopping Malls, Petrol stations and also used in humid settings like indoor swimming pools.