For Sale - PR - 1779 - Aluminum Foil Seals


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PR - 1779


Aluminum Foil Seals



Product Details

Aluminum foil seals for sealing over HDPE / LDPE / PP/ HIPS / PET / PVC / GLASS containers, jars and tubs cut to the required dimensions (circle, oval, rectangle, square, easy peel off type.) are provided. Seals with various coatings or laminates can be heat sealed or adhesively pasted on the rim of the container. These foil seals can be printed, embossed and are packed in suitable packing for easier use at the packer's end.

We also make following seals
- Induction Sealing Liners
- Integral Safety Seal Liners
- Board Reseal Liners - Waxed / Laminated
- EPE / EPE Foam (XLPE)
- Product / pack compatible and customer specified speciality liners
Exclusively for PET / LDPE / HDPE / PP / HIPS / PVC / and Glass Containers, Cups, Jars and Tubs.