For Sale - PR - 2029 - Anti-Static, Plain and Printed Polythene Bags


Reference Number

PR - 2029


Anti-Static, Plain and Printed Polythene Bags



Product Details

Plain and printed polythene bags:
This can be produced as per customer's requirement to any dimensions ranging from
1" to 48" width.

Anti-static bags:
These are generally used by the all pharma and electronic industries. These bags are needed to protect sensitive electronic components such as mobile batteries, computer boards from electro static discharge during handling, shipping and assembling of the product.

The company's manufacturing setup consists of various machines that can manufacture all kind of range of poly bags in LDPE, HMHDPE and PP. The company can deliver polybags with various grades of opacity that are transparent, translucent and opaque. The company has the facility of multi colour printing using the flexographic and rotogravure printing technology. The present manufacturing setup consists of 4, 6 and 8 color flexographic printing machines accompanied with a 4 color rotogravure printing machine. The company also has different kind of sophisticated bag making machines which can make different types of bags as per customer requirement.

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