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PR - 1703


Auto Collect Blood Sampler

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Conventionally during the process of blood collection for pathological sampling and testing, regular syringes are used to draw blood, then transferred to reused glass bulbs and finally moved to reused test tubes for centrifuge.

We offer unique Auto Collect Blood Sampler, which eradicates all risks of cross contamination and mix-ups.

Auto Collect is a single device which is used for drawing blood, break piston to disable multiple use and cap it for storage and centrifuge testing. Auto Collect offers you the convenience of safe storage, preservation, dispensing and testing of blood samples. Sterile, non-toxic and non-pyrogenic, it negates the contamination risk in all the above steps. Moreover, it offers the ease of operation by eliminating the transfer of blood from syringe to glass bulb, test tube and avoiding the reuse of syringes, needles, glass bulbs and test tubes. It gives a clear measure of the blood collected, which can be used for various analytical tests. So no wonder, Auto Collect is a safer and convenient way of blood sampling and it's cost-effective too.