For Sale - PR - 2212 - Barrier Shrink Bags for Meat Packaging


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PR - 2212


Barrier Shrink Bags for Meat Packaging



Product Details

We offer line of hot water, cook-in shrink bags. Our Barrier Bags provide excellent clarity, tremendous shrink capabilities, and puncture resistance for bone-in meat applications.

Barrier Bags enhance your products appearance by utilizing film technology that combines nylon and polyolefin resins to produce a high quality, puncture resistant barrier bag. The low oxygen and moisture transmission rates of Barrier Bags help extend product shelf life, and the revolutionary design provides a high level of visual appeal.

Barrier Bags function in all sealing styles (end, side, or modified arc) and they provide an effective final package when properly evacuated and sealed. For better customer appeal, Barrier Bags can be printed in-line, up to 8 colors.

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