For Sale - PR - 361 - Body Sponge & Scrubbers


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PR - 361


Body Sponge & Scrubbers



Product Details

Our Body Sponge & Scrubbers are:

Suitable for selling at various super stores & cosmetics stores. It can also be given as combination after along with soap, shampoo and other health care products.

1) Body Sponge-Regular Size

Suitable for selling at various super stores, cosmetic & medical shops, for easy reach to step in consumers.


2) Body Sponge- Economic Size

Suitable for various manufacture of shampoo, soap liquid soap, & pharma products (health care) to offer as a promotional items.


3) Back Scrubber

Convenient, large Scrubber design facilitates exfoliation in hard to reach places that are often neglected so enjoy complete bath with this unique designed back scrubber.


4) Petpal

pals are suitable to offer as a promotional pack with children ware, medical products, games, healthcare products & other articles specially made for children.

5) Soap sack

Soap sacks are used along with soap where a rich lather required. Just slip the soap sack & have an envirogating bath.