For Sale - PR - 1660 - Brushes for Industrial Application


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PR - 1660


Brushes for Industrial Application



Product Details

We are the largest manufacturer of various kinds of Industrial Brushes as per customer's drawings or sample.

Our industrial brushes that find use in various industries. The various applications of brushes are as follows:

- Brush Roll for Textile
- Latex Industry
- Paper Brush Machine
- Steel Plant Silicon / Degreasing Unit
- Bottle Brush
- Condenser Tube Cleaning
- Dairy Industry Brush
- Jewel Industry
- Strip Brush
- Comber
- Suzzler
- Pure bristle paint Brush

We manufacture brushes that range from 5gm to 1200 kgs. Weight per piece. We have the capability and the expertise to develop brushes based on your suggestions and requirement.