For Sale - PR - 1820 - Cast Polypropylene (CPP Film)


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PR - 1820


Cast Polypropylene (CPP Film)



Product Details

Cast polypropylene commonly known as CPP and also widely known about its versatility. CPP is growing in popularity among many areas as a more attractive packaging material against polyethylene. CPP film is available in different types like metalisable, twist wrap (hop & cold application) lamination and multiple applications depending upon its end use. Our CPP films are made from FDA approved resins and are safe for food packaging.

Applications: Adhesive dry bond lamination to barrier film like PET/BOPP/ Aluminium.Foil etc. All Type of over wrapping for good presentation like cigarette, audio-video cassette, flowers, textiles clothing etc. Lamination of stationery items, documents, plying cards etc. candy, toffee, chewing gum, pan masala, cough lozenges etc. and many more.

- CPP is deals for FFS machines by its soft textures and high gloss.
- Super resistance to tears & puncture, greater transparency and better heat resistance at 1400 c useful for hot filling and retort sterilization.
- Offers superb moisture and atmospheric barriers.
- High permeability to water vapour.
- Low specific weight (0.90 g/cm3) and gives high yield per unit area.

- Available clear transparent and white opaque.
- Thickness 18micron to 150micron.
- Width Maximum 1200mm
- Cobra treatment Minimum 38 dynes/cm to 46 dynes/cm.