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PR - 1837


Cast Stretch Film



Product Details

Nova Industries is leading supplier of speciality technical films in the blown and cast process is now also a manufacturer of stretch films. Having installed state of the art European machines, the stretch films line at Nova produces the highest output / hour making Nova one of the largest producers of stretch film in the region.

Automation and technology investments make Nova stretch an international registered brand with present production capacity in excess of 30,000 metric tones annually.

Being a manufacturer, Nova focuses in giving its customer the right quality, service and above all a competitive price. Varying from industry to industry, Nova stretch provides tailor made solutions for each industry to give "maximum output" with minimum wastage and better quality.

Utilizing a unique, specialized "cast" production technology and only virgin raw materials, Nova stretch films guarantee lower consumption of material and obtain higher mechanical resistance.

With Nova stretch films you can save more than 15% to 20% per unit thereby reducing packing cost and more output per application.

Test Certificate (with each delivery) for quality and raw materials is a guarantee of Nova stretch being the optimal stretch film product.

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Mr. Vinay Sharma
Nova Industries L L C
Tel: (9714) 3332211 ext. 50