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Cross Laminated Tarpaulins (Tarps)



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Supreme Industries Limited is an acknowledged leader in the Plastic Tarpaulin (Tarps) industry,

We produce reliable, cost-effective, quality Multilayered Cross Laminated SILPAULIN Films (Tarps) to be used in various agricultural, industrial applications, and for covering purpose.

The Film comprises several layers of plastic film placed Criss-Cross over one another and bonded by a patented cold-roll technique. The film made from cross lamination is extremely strong yet light weight, flexible and tougher than any other plastic film of comparable weight and thickness.

Our (Cross Laminated Film) has found acceptance overseas in Europe, Pacific Inlands, Africa, America and Middle East for different applications.

Attributes of Cross laminated Film
-Light Weight yet tough, easy to handle
-100 percent recyclable, hence eco-friendly
-U. V. Stabilised
-Heat sealed, stronger joints thus 100 percent leak proof
-Inert to most chemicals, alkalis, acids and acid fumes
-Waterproof and Rot proof
-Accidental Tear does not propogate hence easily repairable
-Available in attractive colours and various thicknesses
-Being flexible convenient for covering irregular shapes and sizes
-Excellent Tear / Tensile / puncture and impact resistance
-Ultrasonically welded super strong Plastic eyelets / Aluminum eyelets

Availability of Cross Laminated Film
Film made in 70, 90, 120, 150, 200 and 250 GSM

Film made in 4.5 feet to 6 feet Width
Can be fabricated to a custom made size as per customer requirement (Exported football field covers in 1 piece to Europe)

Colours :
Any colour, Our Standard colour Blue / Yellow
2 Side colour film made in 150 and 200 GSM

Advantages Of Silpaulin
Our Tarpaulin has a combination of all the properties desirable in a Tarpaulin. It is 100 percent waterproofness and weather resistance (U.V. Stabilized), besides, tough, light weight, rot proof, heat sealed joints.

Why is Cross Laminated Film 100 percent waterproof when compared to woven fabric? Cross Laminated Film is a basic solid sheet unlike the thin LD coating done over the woven fabric to make it waterproof. This thin (small) micron film comes off the basic woven fabric under Wind Velocity, Flexing of material, Temperature variation

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