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PR - 2425


Customized Specialty Laminates



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Our facilities in China and India work proficiently with our creativity and innovation group to customize specialty laminates. We offer new web structures for aggressive products or simply provide a distinct visual element to the material. The R&D and graphics facilities are made available to all our customers for devand testing requirements.The modern R&D unit uses the most sophisticated equipment for testing and new product development.

From aluminum barrier laminates to custom colored plastic laminates, the variety of we our company web structures offers something special for your unique product.

Aluminum barrier laminates (ABL):
ABL tubes have an aluminum foil barrier, which provides superior light, air and moisture barrier along with reduced flavor absorption. The material density offers a more durable tube and allows for additional dispensing of the products contents. Pastes, ointments, cream and gels typically dentifrice, over-the-counter and pharmaceutical products fare well in ABL tube packaging.

Plastic barrier laminates (PBL):
PBL structures are a good option for packaging that needs to maintain its form and shape. It presents a more cosmetic look and is environmental friendly. Special barriers can be provided such as EVOH (Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol Polymer) to offer a strong chemical resistance. Standard material is offered in white or natural (clear) but specialty custom colors can also be developed.

Specialty & custom materials:
To add more value or a unique look to your brand - a metallic, iridescent, holographic, soft touch or custom colored material is sure to capture your customers attention. For aggressive or hard-to-hold formulations,
We can customize a material to suit your products needs. We offer different barrier strengths and thicknesses in web stock to comply with various

5 layer laminate structures:
Barrier Layer - either Aluminum foil or EVOH for
- Plastic laminate
- Copolymer / Tie layer
- Polyethylene