For Sale - PR - 2571 - Double Wall Corrugated Pipes for Cables


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PR - 2571


Double Wall Corrugated Pipes for Cables


Bhiwandi, Maharashtra, India

Product Details

In Telecom Networks, DWC has the following applications
- Used as the main-duct / sub-duct network design
- Production of ducts across rivers, culverts and disused canals
- Production of ducts and optic fiber cabels in city networks
- Casing of copper cables
- Used as a casing duct for simultaneous placement of quad cables & optic fibre cables along railway tracts

Electrical Applications:
- Protective casing of street lighting cable - pole to pole applications
- Protective casing applications of power cables in city distribution network- an excellent & cost effective alternatives to GI, RCC & PVC pipes.
- Along bridges using black UV protected DWC
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