For Sale - PR - 1760 - Double Walled and Insulated Tubs


Reference Number

PR - 1760


Double Walled and Insulated Tubs



Product Details

Our tubs and lids are double - walled with Polyurethane insulation between the Polyethylene walls. The insulation helps in keeping the freshness of contents intact by maintaining uniform temperatures for longer durations.

Strong and Durable: Made from strong, durable plastics, our tubs are given added strength by an insulating layer fitted between the double walls.

As our tubs are manufactured from materials recognized and acknowledged by the food-producing industry, they fully meet the most stringent demands for hygiene.

The design of our tubs has been developed in close co-operation with those who actually use the finished product. The tubs are easy to handle and clean and find application in Seafood, Ice-cream, Beverages, Poultry, Dry Ice and Pharmaceutical Industries. The Polyethylene used in the manufacture of tubs complies with the requirements specified in Indian Standard IS - 10146 - 1982 on "Polyethylene" for its safe use in contact with food - stuffs, Pharmaceuticals and Drinking water.