For Sale - PR - 1053 - Ex - Cell Pallets for Storing & Shifting Material


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PR - 1053


Ex - Cell Pallets for Storing & Shifting Material
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Product Details

We Introduce for the first time in India Modular Plastic Pallets. Designed like Wood Pallets they can be used with the same material handling equipment.

Ex-Cell range of pallets offers a cost-effective solution to diverse material handling requirements, as well as offering many benefits over traditional materials such as wood. Made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), Ex - Cell pallets are durable, environment friendly & completely recyclable. They are ideal for storing material or for shifting material from one place to another.

Ex - Cell pallets are designed for many years of continuous & intensive use.

A Perfect Fit for Many Applications.

Durable: Ex -Cell pallets have the enduring properties of plastics Made from HDPE - a tough resilent material superior in its abilities to withstand the rigours of material handling.

Ex-Cell pallets can take a Dynamic load of 1000Kg (1Ton) & a Static Load of 3000 Kg (3 Ton)

User Friendly: Absence of Nails, Splinters & Sharp edges ensures manual handling safety & minimises product damage. Its 2-way entry allows storage & material handling in 2 orientations. Its anti - skid surface stabilises product load & prevents slipping during turns & emergency stops. Ex-Cell pallets are compatible with standard forklifts / material handling equipment.

Long Lasting & Cost Effective: Ex-Cell pallets are designed to last longer than wooden pallets, thereby making them cost effective in closed loop operations. Ex-Cell pallets are lighter than conventional plastic pallets thereby saving on material costs. The modular nature ensures freight savings that come from making more efficient use in freight carriers.

Flexible Design: Ex-Cell's plastic
Modular Pallets can be designed to suit your storage / material handling needs.

Hygienic: Ex-Cell can be repeatedly cleaned or washed eliminating the build up of contaminants or risk of bacterial growth. It has no effect on termites.

Dimensionally Stable: Ex-Cell pallets will remain dimensionally stable even in the most adverse conditions. Weights & Dimensions remain unaffected.

Chemically Resistant: Ex-Cell pallets are impervious to almost all chemicals. It is also resistant to steam & hot water thus ensuring cleanliness by all common methods.

Environment Friendly: Ex-Cell pallets are replacing the conventional wooden pallets, which are made by cutting down trees hence making them environment friendly. Ex-Cell pallets are 100% re-cycleable.

Attractive: Ex-Cell's Modular Plastic Pallets are available in a variety of colours.