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PR - 1724


Expanded PTFE Film



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Expanded PTFE (ePTFE) provides a unique combination of porosity chemical and heat resistance for filtration and venting applications. Our produces ePTFE for specialized uses, such as blood filters, gas sensor membranes and other applications, which require submicron pore sizes.

Pore size is selected according to the flow rate desired in the material application. Whereas most ePTFE is supplied with a pore size in the range of 5.0 to 0.1 microns, our manufacturing capabilities allow us to fabricate ePTFE with pore sizes down to 0.05 microns.

Our ePTFE membranes are naturally water repellent (hydrophobic), which makes them an ideal liner for outerwear garments. ePTFE repels rain and snow, yet water vapor from the body can permeate through the membrane. Through special treatment, we can render our water absorbent (hydrophilic), creating an excellent wicking material ideal for certain medical, industrial and chemical applications.

Similarly, ePTFE can be altered from its conventional oil absorbent (oleophilic) state into an oleophobic material. It then becomes an effective barrier for organic solutions.

All grades of ePTFE have outstanding thermal and chemical resistance. With a continuous use temperature of 500 F, ePTFE is well suited for harsh biological, industrial and chemical applications. ePTFE is chemically inert and can be used safely in a wide range of biological and industrial applications.

Using state- of-the-art technology. We offer films with uniform pore sizes combined with superior performance and quality.

Typical Characteristics of ePTFE:
- Thickness: 0.001-0.010 inches
- Pore size: 5.0-0.1 microns
- Width: 1-30 inches

Tensile strength:
- Longitudinal: 2000 PSI
- Transverse: 500 PSI

- Moisture vapor permeability > 1000 (0.22 micron pore size) (grams/m / 24 hrs)
- Mullens water entry pressure: 70 PSI (0.22 micron pore size)

Typical Industrial Applications for ePTFE
- Venting media, bag house filtration, and gas and liquid micro filtration
- Wet / dry and vacuum filters
- Dust collection and air pollution controls
- Clarification of propellants
- Gas-exchange - modules
- UV spectroscopy and hydraulic fluid analysis

Typical Medical Applications for ePTFE
- Venting media and ultra-high-purity gas and liquid micro filtration
- Test strip blotters
- Clarification of cryogenic fluids, acids, bases and solvents
- Sterile barriers for medical devices and noninvasive / nonimplantable medical membranes
- Clean-room garments

Typical Outerwear Applications for ePTFE
- Hats, headbands, swim caps
- Gloves and socks
- Protective clothing for medical and industrial applications, including hospital gowns and disposable surgical caps