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PR - 2913


Jumbo Bags



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We strive to provide long-lasting, durable in quality and superior woven sacks that can effortlessly work to transport products from one place to the other.
This ensures no kind of contamination gets to the packaged product and no harm or additional expenses are incurred in the bargain.

All of our professionals are well versed with the nuances that go into seamless and result oriented packaging requirements.
This ensures customers can relax and know for a fact that all your packaging concerns are met in a proficient and goal oriented manner.
We bring high end technology that works to enhance the value of our services through the assistance of an extensive array of flexible packaging solutions.

Jumbo Bags/Big Bags

Jumbo or big bags withstand the toughest of conditions.
These bags come with a high storage capacity and are water resistant in nature.
They are perfect for the packaging and transportation of dry and flowing products and are ideal for the food production as well as pharmaceutical industry.
Jumbo bags do not cause static electricity and safeguard your products from dust, germ, pollutants and other unwanted contaminants.
You can rest assured all the bags offered to you are put together with the highest quality expertise, professionalism and experience.
This ensures you obtain the best benefit and can utilize them for your various packaging and transporting needs effectively.

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