For Sale - PR - 1810 - Fibres for Textiles


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PR - 1810


Fibres for Textiles



Product Details

We supplies raw materials to the textile-industry for use in a number of applications.

For example:
- Spinning Yarns
- Reinforcement Textiles
- Paper Industry
- Non-Woven
- Geotextiles
- Filling
- Automotive

To meet requirements for each textile application we offer a wide range of deniers and cut lengths. In order to supply these areas, we carry an inventory of several products,
Such as
- Polyester
- Nylon 6
- Nylon 6.6
- Acrylic
- Viscose
- Polypropylene

These products can be supplied in any desired form such as staple fibre, tow and tops or as specialty-items such as flame-retardant fibres, spun-dyed fibres, shortcut fibres and flock tow.