For Sale - PR - 232 - Flame Retardant PVC house Wires


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PR - 232


Flame Retardant PVC house Wires


Western India

Product Details

Copper conductors PVC insulated wires are extensively used in residential and commercial buildings for power distribution. They are used in metal/plastic conduit either embedded in plaster (Concealed wiring) or fixed on the walls.

PVC is a widely accepted insulating material for building wired due to better abrasive and chemical resistance, weather proof and electrical properties.
Fire Retardant properties of PVC have been enhanced by adding special additives in its formulation to meet the demand of modern era.

Fire Retardant properties of insulating materials is measured by its Oxygen index. Oxygen index indicates the concentration of Oxygen required in air so the material will burn like a candle. The Oxygen index of normal PVC is about 25% while that of our FR House Wires is greater than 29%. Temperature index is greater than 250ÂșC.

We have designed Flame Retardant Wires with in-built-fire fighters in its insulation material with high Oxygen index and temperature index which assures safety.