For Sale - PR - 1530 - Flexible foil Laminates


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PR - 1530


Flexible foil Laminates



Product Details

We are a leading manufacturing of Flexible foil Laminates. We offer
-PET / Foil / P.E.Laminates for Baby food, milk powder, breakfast cereals, soups seasoning, beverages, pesticides, insecticides, tomato ketchup, tooth paste, oral Re-hydration salts
-Paper / Foil / P.E.Laminates for Effervescent powder and tablets, seasoning, soups, beverages, contraceptive wraps, oral Re-hydration salts, tea pouches
-Paper / Foil / Heat Seal for Contraceptive wraps, biscuit wraps, suture laminates wraps, surgical blades
-BOPP / Paper / Foil l/ Laminates for Chewing gum wrap
-PET / Foil / Pet / P.E.Laminates for Skin care products
-Foil / Paper Laminates for Tea packets, tea chest linings, cones for frozen desserts
-Cello / Foil Laminates for Confectionery wrap
-Paper / P.E. /Foil / P.E. for Contraceptive wraps, oral Re-hydration salts, powders
-PET / Foil / Nylon / CPP for Retort pouches
-Pharmaceutical Strip and Blister Pack for Packaging of tablets, capsules
-Tagger Foil for Pilfer proof diaphragm for tin containers
-Cigarette Foil for Inner wrapper for cigarettes in shell and side, hinge lid, soft packs
-Lidding Foil for Pilfer proof foil cover for rigid / semi rigid containers
-House Foil for Household applications in cooking, freezing, wrapping, storing