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PR - 357


Floral Protection Nets



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Rose Nets

The plastic mesh sleeves can be applied easily and offer extra protection during shipping and handling. Once applied, they gently constrict the rose head during growth to create a large, healthy and more beautiful bloom. The roses stay fresh longer and the colors appear more vivid. For Commercial growers our nets would provide an extra advantage.

Rose Wraps

Our Rose Wraps are a great way to facilitate the bundling and transport rough-cut roses during harvest. It make easier to carry more roses at a time while providig extra protection for the fragile rose blooms.

Floral Protection Nets

These nets are similar in design to our Rose Nets, but are larger and can accommodate a wide variety of popular flowers, including carnations, Mums, Bird of Paradise, among others. These nets bring all the benefits of the rose nets to the growers of other flowers.