For Sale - PR - 2087 - Foldable Crates


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PR - 2087


Foldable Crates



Product Details

We manufacture foldable plastic crates, container. It can be used during transportation, at offices, home (children's room, laundry, garage, etc.) in car, boats and shops, namely anywhere boxes or containers are used.

Folding crates save space. After delivering 5 containers of products, you can return by only 1 container. With its wonderful design, it can be easy folded and surprises you resulting in 80 percent space saving.

Along with being foldable, it is also very strong. It differs from similar products in having a structure strengthened by 16 metal pins. Thus, it has a loading capacity up to 45 kg.

Foldable crates can be produced in any color fits to business, brand, home or your own taste.