For Sale - PR - 1817 - Food Wrap Cling Film


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PR - 1817


Food Wrap Cling Film



Product Details

Our food wrap cling film (PE film) is mainly used in two areas in the house hold dishes and in super markets and catering industries to display prepack food items such as meat, fish, fruits and vegetables.

We manufacture Cling film fully formulated with imported LLDPE resins to obtain cling and antifog properties. The additives used in this film are fully copmly FDA directives.

We offer the means to tailor a film to different end use requirement.

Food Wrap Market Needs
- House hold wrap: Household wrap is normally supplied in small reels in carton box for use at home in the kitchen. The film is highly transparent, soft and easy to tear. The film available in thickness below 15 micron in 300mm, width and length of 30 meters.
- Catering Wrap film is supplied in larger reels and used on small manual packaging machines in shops, hotels, and supermarket. It is typically used for wrapping cheese or as over wrap trays carrying vegetables or meat products. The film available in below 15 micro in various width and length like 150mm/ 300mm/450mm in 600 meters. The film is non-toxic, tested by CFTRI for safetyness of food contact.