For Sale - PR - 1828 - HDPE, PP-H Pipes and Fittings


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PR - 1828


HDPE, PP-H Pipes and Fittings



Product Details

HDPE Pipes: We are manufactured in the grade of PE 63/80/100.These pipes are available from 20 mm to 630 mm OD in the pressure rating of 2.5kg/cm² to 16kg/cm² as per IS:4984/96 as well as IS:14333. HDPE pipes are available in the standard length of 5 meters and in coils upto 125 mm OD. Available in black colour, however pipes in other colours can be supplied against bulk requirement.

PP Pipes: These pipes are manufactured in 20 mm to 630 mm OD size as per DIN 8077 / 78.

PP-H (Beta Nucleated)/ISOTACTIC: Conventional PP pipes can be used upto 80°C temperature whereas above special grade PP pipes (beta nucleated) can withstand temp upto 110°C. Mechanical & Chemical resistance properties are higher than conventional PP pipes. PP-H pipes can be supplied in coils, which reduce number of joints.

PP/HDPE Fittings: All types of PP/HDPE fittings are available for all the sizes of pipes from 20 mm to 630 mm. The items of fittings are - Tee, Elbow, Reducers, Flanges, End Caps, etc. Fittings are

- PP /PPH as per DIN 8077 / 78
- HDPE Pipes as per IS 4984 / 95 & IS 14333
- In PE63 / PE80 / PE100 Grades.

- Pipe Sizes: 20 mm to 630 mm OD.
- Fittings: Moulded / Fabricated fittings are available to suit respective pipe sizes and pressures items like Collars, Pipes Flanges, Elbow, Bends, Tee, Pipe Ends, Reducers etc. are available.
- Pressure: 2.5, 4, 6, 10, 12.5, 16 Kg/cm2.
- Length: PP Pipes Std. 3 Mtr./5 Mtr., HDPE Pipes 5 Mtr.
- Coils: PP / HDPE Pipes - 20 mm to 125 mm OD.
- Colours PP Pipes - Grey + Natural, HDPE Pipes - Black. (Other colours against special requirement)

Application of PP Pipes:
- Conveyance of chemical / fluids in chemical and fertilizers industries
- Fabrication of chemical process equipments

Application of HDPE Pipes:
- Conveyane of chemicals / fluied specially hydro-carbons
- Minor and lift irrigation
- River linkage projects
- Water supply projects
- WTP / STP / ETP projects
- Cable ductings
- Construction usage concealed wire and cable line, Garbage systems.