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PR - 438


HDPE Telecom Ducts



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HDPE Telecom Ducts

We offer Permanently Lubricated HDPE Telecom Ducts for use as underground optical fibre cable conduits.

A unique product, the internally and permanently lubricated pipes are used in speedy laying of long lengths of cables with the help of cable blowing system.


* Resistant to environmental stress. No cracking, swelling or leakage.

* Savings on manpower and costs due to easy and rapid installation.

* Easy handling and transportaion due to its low weight.

* Highly resistant to corrosive water and aggressive soil conditions.

* High impact strength protects it from heavy vehicular movement.

* Long lasting and trouble-free maintenance.

* Elastic with high flexural strength


Our HDPE Telecom ducts are available in continuous lengths of 500 or 1000 metres in sizes 32/26mm, 40/33mm and 50/42mm per DOT:G/CDS-08/01. A wide range of accessories such as Duct Couplers, End Plugs and Cable Sealing Plugs for use in underground optical fibre cable conduits is also available.