For Sale - PR - 1107 - High Pressure Nylon Tubings


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PR - 1107


High Pressure Nylon Tubings
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Product Details

Available Sizes :

3mm to 19mm Outer Dia.

Wall Thickness :

0.50mm to 2.00mm

Working Pressure:

Upto 200 kg / cm2 depending upon the size.

Available Colours:

Natural, White, Black, Green, Blue, Yellow, Red, Orange.

Applications of High Pressure Nylon Tubings :

1. Fuel lines for petrol or diesel fuel in Automobile and Transport Industry.

2. Compressed air lines on pneumatic control systems.

3. Automotive gasoline lines.

4. Automotive hydraulic lines.

5. High Pressure lubricating oil lines in Engineering and Automobile Industry.

6. Lubes and air lines on textile machinery.

7. Transporting lines for alimentary liquids such as milk and beer and  biological liquids such as blood, serum etc.

8. In the chemical industries for conveying hydocarbons, esters, ketones etc.,

9. Centralized lubrication systems.

10. Gas lines for various industries.