For Sale - PR - 1707 - HIPS Impact Polystyrene Sheet


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PR - 1707


HIPS Impact Polystyrene Sheet



Product Details

HIPS Sheets manufactured by blown film as well as T-die extrusion to enable to serve the industry with a competitive as well as economically conscious market. HIPS sheets are widely used in thermoforming and advertisement industry. We can offer custom made HIPS sheets to match colour, size and quality.

1) HIPS Sheets for Refrigeration Industry:
HIPS sheets coated with GP layer for high gloss is suitable for thermoforming. HIPS can withstand very low temperature hence suitable for thermoformed parts in refrigerator lining.

2) HIPS Sheets for Publicity and Display:
HIPS sheets are widely used for promotional packing, counter dispenser units, cosmetics, 3-dimensional posters and other displays is a perfect replacement for glass and paper.

3) Disposables:
Polystyrene being economically competitive and easy to process is widely used for disposables like cups, trays, plates etc.

4) Vacuum Flocked Tray:
HIPS Vacuum flocked trays are major used in jewellers boxes, Pen trays and optical cases

5) HIPS other uses:
HIPS Sheets are widely used in mannequins packaging industry, sanitary ware like bathroom cabinets and door claddings.

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