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PR - 1340


Jerry Cans



Product Details

We Specialize in Containers for various industries including:
-Lubricating Oil

The range of containers include -
-Bottles with child safety caps
-Polypropylene bottles compatible with 20mm rubber plugs and aluminium seals for poultry and FMD Vaccines
-Containers ranging from 5ml upto 5 liter capacity.
The company also undertakes specific development of moulds in catering to custom requirements for various clients.
The company is mindful of, and prioritizes the various precautions in servicing the pharmaceutical sector. To exercise utmost care and caution during processes, moisture separators are installed on the compressor, and ultra air filters are fitted on the machines to ensure 99.9% clean air.
Being associated with reputed pharma manufacturers for long, We already begun upgrading its existing plant to a 'Clean product room' manufacturing unit, and strives to provide consistent and best quality products from time to time.