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PR - 1749


Jerry Cans



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We are best in manufacturing of quality controlled containers, Jerry cans, Bottles etc, ranging from 1ml. to 5 liters, or from 1 gm to 5 kgs made of HDPE, PP, PET, LD of different sizes and shapes for your packaging needs.

We cater your packaging needs in production of containers. Apart from this we can take your ideas and sketches and produce the finest industrial moulding, custom designed and quality controlled from tool making to final inspection. We have over a range of 500 items with no limit of variations and also a wide range of Colours, neck sizes and different type of caps to meet your packaging needs.

We are constantly designing as per your specifications to meet today's needs. We consist of dedicated mould makers; our specialties include Blow Moulding, Injection Moulding and Pet Stretch Moulding.