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PR - 2127


L.D. (Krishi) Pipes



Product Details

Our L.D. (Krishi) Pipe, manufactured in state-of-the-art plant with latest manufacturing technology under strict quality control.

Our L.D. (Krishi) Pipe is manufactured by Linear Low Density Polyethylene (virgin) material. On our L.D. (Krishi) pipe no effect of high temperature like desert area as well as no effect of cold temperature like Himalayas.

Our L.D. (Krishi) Pipe has been preferred over other available resources due to varied salient features:
- No chemical reaction
- Easy to use
- Light in weight, hence easy to handle
- Since flexible, perfect for laying
- Rust proof and UV stable
- Smooth internal surface hence low friction loss

Product range:
Pipes: 50 mm (2") to 100 mm (4")