For Sale - PR - 1903 - LDPE Films & HMHD Rolls


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PR - 1903


LDPE Films & HMHD Rolls



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Low Density Poly Ethylene is a soft, low barrier, good clarity and the least expensive of all polymers in packaging film. LDPE are used for heavy-duty applications. Mico Plast has a wide range of high-speed extruders to produce mono-layer HMHD / LDPE rolls. The materials are extruded by the rotating Platform process, which ensures the uniform thickness of the film. On these Machines poly rolls of HMHD/LDPE with the width ranging from 4 inches to 48 inches and thickness from 20 microns to 200 microns can be extruded in transparent form and by using master batch colors. These products are extruded from virgin raw materials, hence these are recyclable and Eco friendly.

We offer:
- HMHD / LDPE Bags
- HMHD / LDPE Lay flat tubes
- HMHD / LDPE Sheets
- Roto and Flexo printing upto 8 Colors