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PR - 1792


Magic Seal Bags



Product Details

We introduced Polyethylene Reclosable Packaging in India through our brand "Magic Seal"
Raw Materials: LDPE / LLDPE
Sizes: Width - 40 to 600 mm
Length - 50 to 530 mm (inclusive of flap)
Thickness: 38 to 175 microns
Printing: Flexo upto six Colours

Why Reclosable bags?
- Adds value to the product
- Influences consumer purchase behavior
- Eliminates the need for additional packaging
- Increase brand awareness due to longer usage
- "Tear-Off" strip option provides tamper evidence
- Avoids product duplication
- Increases longevity of the product

Benefits of reclosability for consumers
- It spares consumer the hassle of emptying the bag and refilling in another container
- The "Tear-Off" strip gives confidence that they have bought original goods
- It adds value to the product due to reusability of the bag.

Our product range:
- PP and PE Zipper Bags (Attached Zipper Bags)
- PP and PE Zipper Profiles
- PP and PE Slider Zipper Bags
- Biodegradable Ziplock Bags

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