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PR - 1384


Masking Film



Product Details

Our masking film is a non-glue film that can be applied to surfaces that need to be protected against abrasion, moisture and dust. Non-glue masked film do not leave any trace or stains on surfaces that are protected using our masking film..

We can develop masking films depending on the surface that needs protection. Our films are available in widths upto 1500 mm and 30~200 micron thickness.

Masking Films Area / Segments:
-Glass Picture Tube manufacturers.
-Coated Steel Sheet manufacturers.
-Safety / Toughened Glass manufacturers.
-Decorative Laminates manufacturers.
-Plastics Sheet (HIPS / PP / Acrylic / ABS) manufacturers.
-Aluminium Sheet manufacturers.
-White goods / Home Appliances manufacturers.
-Automobile manufacturers.