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PR - 3026


High Barrier Films



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High Barrier Films:-
We are the only company that offers a wide range of products PVC-Based High Barrier, PET-Based High Barrier, PP-Based High Barrier & PS-Based High Barrier Solutions.
Our materials are compatible with most equipment’s used for such packing & we are the only company that offers a one-stop solution for Films, Preformed Trays, Lidding Films Many of the top Machine Manufacturers recommend our materials to be used in their machines.

We offer good quality High Barrier Films which extends the shelf life of perishables goods without hampering the quality or original taste of the product.
We have been catering to fresh fruits, meats, snacks, savories, dairy, Indian Sweets etc.
Our high Barrier Trays for Food Packaging offer several great features:

Can withstand high vacuum
Excellent clarity & come in a variety of colors
Suitable for both hot & cold application
Offer excellent WVTR resistance