For Sale - PR - 1550 - Multilayer barrier film for food products


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PR - 1550


Multilayer barrier film for food products



Product Details

We are a highly reputed and prime supplier in India of Multilayer Co-extruded plastic films for flexible packaging and other speciality applications.

Multilayer films are a combination of two or more thermoplastics (polymers) co-extruded to form one homogenous film with distinct individual layers. Multilayer films provide a range of properties, which cannot be obtained from monolayer films.

This film forms a very important and integral part (or seal layer) of a laminate, made with polyester film, Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene film or aluminum foil.

Our films are used with or without lamination in a wide range of product groups such as beverages, edible oil, dairy products, snack foods, processed foods, cosmetics, toiletries, pharmaceuticals, bakery products and food commodities (salt, wheat flour, rice, sugar etc.)