For Sale - PR - 1870 - Multilayer PE Lamination, Dairy and other Films


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PR - 1870


Multilayer PE Lamination, Dairy and other Films



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Our Polythene films meet high quality control requirements and are at par with the best-imported film samples. Efficient technical support, high quality standards and advanced production technologies make our products stand out against similar products in the market. Our polythene film division is supplied with modern extruders manufactured by Kabra Extrusion Technink Ltd.

Film for lamination: For external lamination as a top protective coating for flexographic printing, spectacular industrial design. Film thickness from 15-30 microns. Generally films with improved optical characteristics and gloss are used. It is also used for internal lamination as an internal heat-sealing layer for "difficult" of "barrier" films. The assortment, parameter and characteristics range of such film are very diverse. Films are characterized by:
Good inner layer adhesion:
- Excellent heat salability
- Absence of thickness variation
- Rolling uniformity
- Pre-ser coefficient of static friction for inner and outer layers
- Potential for up-to-date polymer materials usage and combination of their characteristics

Product price optimization: We are ready to provide competent consulting services for our customers based on our personal experience of lamination film production. And it is in our power to comply with diverse customer requests concerning quality and properties of film for lamination. Furthermore, with the help of laboratory test equipment we can efficiently produce a film analogue as per customer's sample.

Film for milk and dairy products packaging (yogurt, cottage cheese, etc.) Co extruded black and white film owing to its structure is an ideal packaging material for liquid dairy products, juices and water.

Our long-lasting experience has helped us to work out perfect three-layered film formulations with each layer performing its own function:
- The internal (heat-sealing) film layer is made of high-pressure polythene and ensure high strength and excellent quality of weld lines due to special additives. Black printer added to this layer makes the film absolutely light - and - UV - proof, and therefore prolongs the product shelf life.
- The intermediate layer is made of special high-pressure polyethylene that provides high mechanical strength of the film, prevents seals from cuts through while welding, and is light-proof.
- The external film layer is made of high-pressure polyethylene with sliding additives that ensure ideal in automatic packaging machine. Special additives in this layer add gloss to the film.