For Sale - PR - 1529 - Non-foil Laminates


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PR - 1529


Non-foil Laminates



Product Details

We are a leading manufacturing of Non-foil Laminates. We offer
-PET / P.E. Laminates for Shampoo, tea pouches, detergents, noodles, cereals, all types of food and non-food applications.
-PET / Paper Laminates for soap wrap, battery jackets
-PET / CPP Laminates for Pillow pack for candies
-PET / Metallised Pet/P.E.Laminates for Snack foods, soft drink concentrate, mosquito mats, tobacco products
-PET / Metallised Pet/Paper Laminates for Battery jackets, labels
-PET / H.S.Metallised BOPP Laminates for Cough drops and small candies
-BOPP / H.S.Metallised BOPP Laminates for Biscuit wrap
-BOPP / CPP Laminates for Biscuit wrap
-Glassin Paper / P.E.Laminates for Pharmaceutical strips