For Sale - PR - 1685 - Nylon reinforced Braided PVC Hose


Reference Number

PR - 1685


Nylon reinforced Braided PVC Hose



Product Details

We introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers of PVC Flexible Hose reinforced with Nylon yarn on fully automatic plant and it is a result of many years of experience combined with advance technology. Perfect quality control before and throughout production gives the ultimate users maximum quality assurance. We are totally committed to the achievement of excellence in our products and our services to customers.

Our Hose are successfully being used by large and medium scale public / private sector industries throughout India.

Hose Structure: Our High Pressure Flexible Hose is manufactured by taking advantage of all the outstanding engineering properties of Poly Vinyl Chloride based Thermoplastic compounds and reinforced with braid of high tenacity nylon filament yarn between two layers of P.V.C. and bonded together to make the whole hose a homogenous entity.
Temperature range: Between - 10 degree Celsius to + 60 degree Celsius
Minimum bending radius: 4 times the inside diameter

Salient Features of PVC Braided Hose:
- Strong enough to withstand high pressure
- Light in weight than rubber hose. So easy to handle
- Smooth inner surface permits better flow of fluid
- Does not kink or crack when in use or unused for longer time
- Good transparency allows you to see / detect flow of fluid
- Reinforced tube wall eliminates flow interruption caused by outside pressure
- No danger to the Hose from rodents / abrasion resistant
- Does not kink or crash under any rough Working Condition
- Very competitive price

- Compressor air connection / general water delivery
- Compressed air pneumatic tool & equipment
- Medium pressure pesticide spraying in plantation by hand or power driven pump
- Oxy-Acetylene welding brazing & cutting equipment
- General gardening & hose hold purpose
- D.C.P. Fire extinguisher & hose reels
- Inflating air in the tyres
- Car washing at service centers