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Neo Pack are manufacturing and supplying a wide range of well-crafted pouches like zipper pouch, three side seal pouch, four side seal pouch, easy tear pouch, etc. that are extensively used for packaging purposes. Fabricated from fine quality material, these pouches are made leakage proof with good sealing property. Further, the range is highly durable and can be used for long duration without complains. The range includes:

1) Stand Up Pouches:
Exclusive pouches available from 50 g packing g capacity to 5 kg Pack size. Stand up pouches are made with selected seal design as per the products requirements. Stand up pouch gives better shelf marketing appeal compare to other pouches.

2) Zipper Pouches:
Excellent reclosable concept used where the product packed need to be consumed by the consumer in part basis so as the consumer doesn't have to empty the pouch and product can be preserved in the pouch. With the help of latest technology we have established ourselves as a zipper pouch manufacturers of India. Zipper can be applied to any size of pouch any varieties of pouch other then Center seal kind.

3) Square Bottom Pouches:
This is the tailor made design which is neither Stand up nor Three side seal pouch. Here the open gusset is provided at the bottom. This is the cost effective concept for the product, which gets appearance look like stand up and cost near to three side pouch.

4) Pouch with Spout:
This is a novel concept, which defiantly replaces the need of bottles in case where the liquid packed need do be consumed in parts. The spout is temper proof and can be re cap after breaking the seal to preserve the product. Spouts are available in two varieties as per the products requirement.

5) Four Side Seal Pouches:
This is the latest popular concept used as the excellent graphics possible on all four sides of the pouch. The product is more visible on the shelf due to four panels. We can match all the four panel all together. We can make Pouch from 100 g pack size to 25 kg pack size as per the tailor made requirements.

6) Three Side Seal Pouch with Dori & Eyelet:
These pouches are made in various capacities from 1 Kg to 10 Kg .Re useable and one time use kind of design is possible. Pouches can be made with side gusset on both the sides. Quality Eyelet with properly selected dori enhances the look of the pouch so as the product. Also it is convenient for the consumer to carry.

7) Three Side Seal Pouch with Notch:
These pouches are used mainly in Pharma industries where for opening the pouch notch used to easy tear. V notch with proper positioning achieved by our specially designed tool.

8) Three Side Seal Pouch D Cut, Euro Cut, Capsule Cut:
These are D cut, Capsule Cut, and Euro Cut which are been fabricated as per the requirements. Main advantage upto 500 g pack size for display the products by hanging in the shop and above 500 g pack size for convenience to carry for the consumer

9) Easy Tear Pouch:
This is the new concept devised by keeping in mind Green environment and the ban on the thinner micron bags by our Govt. These pouches can be used to pack Food, Pharma, Tobacco, Tea and many other Products. Its features like can be sterile, cost effective and nearly equal strength compare to the laminated ones. Its low heat transfer rate keeps packed product fresh and hot. It maintains the aroma as well. Convenience to the consumer to open the pouch due to its easy tear feature.

10) Center Seal Pouch:
These are the general pouches which are extremely cost effective and used commonly Any size of pouch from 25 gm pack capacity to 3 kg capacity is possible.

11) Three Side Seal Pouch:
These pouches are used mainly for liquid packing or fine powder packing where center seal pouch fails to perform.

12) Side Gusseted Pouch:
These pouches are used to give better marketing appeal compare to general center seal pouch.

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