For Sale - PR - 317 - Pallets


Reference Numbers

PR - 317





Product Details

Salient features

1)Durable and maintainance free

2)Easy to clean hence maintain hygienic condition

3)Termite proof, moisture proof and chemical resistance

4)Better life,approx.3-5 years depending upon usage

5)Contour and rounded edges are safe and comfortable to user

6)They have anti-skid surface on top

7)Easy to handle with forklift and can be used on roller conveyors

8)Constant standard weight as they are injection moulded

9)Reliable strength as they have uniform wall thickness of single moulded piece

10)Withstand 0 degree c to 90 degree c

11)Much stronger to handle static load upto 5000kgs. and dynamic load upto 2000kgs (evenly distributed) depending upon the size and model