For Sale - PR - 2046 - Paper Poly Laminate for Hygenic Fast Food Packagin


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PR - 2046


Paper Poly Laminate for Hygenic Fast Food Packagin



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Trend Plastpouchpack is manufacturer of printed & laminated paper poly pouches for food packaging. This is an eco-friendly and hygienic solution for packaging take-away foods by combining paper and plastic. The innovative food grade paper-poly pouch is oil resistant and retains the nutritive value of fast food items compared to currently available alternatives. Unlike the food items packed in banana leaves, newspaper folds, paper bags, butter paper; the unique paper-plastic combination provides convenience of consumption, retention of food taste and texture, hygiene, recycleability, printability and cost-effectiveness. Most importantly, the pouch offers ease of packing fast food items thereby serving needs of both consumers of foods as well as packers. The pouch is specifically targeted for use by restaurants and fast food joints which face difficulties while conveniently packaging popular Indian food items including idli sambar, chatni, dosa, utappam, vada pav and the like where usage life is limited to a few hours before consumption.

Though the new paper-poly pouch resembles the currently available paper bag, it has a thin food grade plastic layer on the inside (food contact layer) which prevents oil and vapour from escaping outside. As a result, this preserves the taste, texture and nutritive value of the food items while preventing oil seepage normally observed in other alternative packaging materials leading to undesirable experiences. Moreover, the paper -plastic pouch is safe and hygienic unlike food items packed in old newspapers. The inks and other surface materials used in newspapers have certain amount of toxic lead which is extremely dangerous to human health. Apart from being safe and hygienic, the pouch is heat sealable, completely recyclable with a tear-open option for ease of food consumption. According to Trend Plastpouchpack, the single side opening of the pouch can also be easily sealed using a household iron press. The company also indicates that the pouch can be fabricated into water-proof bags for special applications.

Trend Plastpouchpack, the company which has spent years to enhance the quality of food dispensing, is confident that its innovative paper-poly pouch offers number of ecological, economical and safety benefits compared to current alternatives. Apart from hygiene and recycleability, the pouch brings about material and time savings, convenience for eateries and restaurants, savings in utilities and compliance with existing local legislations.

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