For Sale - PR - 1750 - PE Carrier Bag Flexi Loop, Turn Over Top Punched


Reference Number

PR - 1750


PE Carrier Bag Flexi Loop, Turn Over Top Punched


Eastern Europe

Product Details

Carrier bag with flexi loop handle is one of the most usable products made from polyethylene. Bags of this type are usually somewhat thicker and handles of thicker polyethylene. The bag is extremely appropriate for larger shopping centers and stores as it can easily carry a 15 kg weight.
Due to the bags strength it can be used more than once and thus nature and our environment is less burdened. The flexi loop handles enhance the aesthetic appearance of the bag.
Colour co-ordinate handles can be specified, with different Colours on each side, if required.

Design features:
Substrates: LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE and their blends.
Print: Flexographic print in up to six Colours, two sides, photographic or line design, gloss or matt inks.
Features: Spot varnish, bottom gussets.