For Sale - PR - 1531 - PE floor system for storage


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PR - 1531


PE floor system for storage

Product Details

We offer state of the art PE floor system designed for use on concrete floors. Our floor panels are suited for grain storage, food processing industries, chemical industries as well as beverage industries.

Our floor panels reduce the likelihood of degradation due to moisture. The added airspace between flooring material and concrete contributes to increased comfort for the storage and remains dry. The panels have superb strength and rigidity.

-Light weight and extremely durable
-Remains dry
-Easy to clean
-Food approved PE
-No corrosion
-Easy to install at any site
-Easy to transport
-100 % weather proof
-100 % recyclable

Specification :
Length: 6000mm
Width: 1700mm
Height: 100mm
Maximum load: 3500 kg/sq m