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PR - 2035


PET Jars and Bottles



Product Details

We offer one of the industry's broadest product lines in PET Containers and bottles, from a wide range of stock bottles and jars available "right now" to custom packaging for unique marketing or product requirements. With over 400 designs from a range of 5ml to 15 liters, we are the largest manufacturer of PET wide mouth jars and containers in the country.

We have a solution for your needs be it for Spices, Pharma, Confectionary, Tea, Liquor, Beverages etc. Produced on the state of the art NISSEI ASB Technology from Japan, we assure you of the best quality and service in the industry.

Characteristics of PET Jars & Bottles:
- PET is glass like transparent
- Lighter than glass by 400 percent
- 100 percent Food Grade and Odorless
- Unbreakable and easy to handle

Ideal For:
- Personal Care
- Sales Promotions
- Dairy Products/Edible oil
- Health Supplement
- Spices
- Liquor
- Pharma
- Dairy Juices

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